In 2015, we set out on a journey of research to explore what pedagogical teaching methods provided the greatest impact on a pupil’s learning outcomes. As a result, our path led us to build a relationship with Dr. E. D. Hirsch Jr. whose advice has helped shaped the platform’s design and here’s how.

Our Story Telling Approach

Arya & Maul 2012 identify that 'putting to-be-learned material in a story format improves learning outcomes.' Developing Experts uses storytelling to engage students through our scripted curriculum as they discover a world of learning.

Our Quiz Testing Challenges

The Forgetting Curve is a hypothesis about how much information we can retain over time & states that 'students forget 77% of what we learn within six days'. Every time we recall & review material, we forget less and less. Developing Experts enables pupils to review content learnt in the classroom.

Why we revisit Information in Context

Dr. E. D. Hirsch Jr.'s research shows that 'we learn words up to four times faster in a familiar than in an unfamiliar context.' When a pupil completes a Developing Expert's quiz, if they answer a question incorrectly we take them back to the point in the story to unlock its meaning in context.

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