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Unveiling the Astra Carta Seal: Exploring the Stars with King Charles!

Unveiling the Astra Carta seal: Engage students in celestial exploration, constellations and the wonders of the universe.

Make a dent this Asteroid Day

Discover the wonders of asteroids on June 30th

Engineer the Future: Celebrating Women in Engineering

Activities to explore in engineering and STEM

The Science of Summer: Exploring the Wonders of the Sun, Seasons and More!

Make the most of your summer term with these fun experiments

Unleashing the Eco-Warriors: Teaching and Engaging Students on World Environment Day!

5th of June: World Environment Day

Dive into World Ocean Day with our Free Lesson

To help you integrate ocean issues into your classroom, we have released a free lesson for World Ocean Day

Celebrating World Bee Day and National Conservation Week: Engaging Pupils in Protecting Our Planet

This week, explore World Bee Day and Conservation Week with your class

A Week to Welcome Well-being: integrating Mental Health Awareness Week into your classroom

Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place from 13-21 May, is designed to raise awareness around mental health and help people understand how they can support themselves and others who may be struggling with their mental health. See how the Developing Experts science curriculum can support teachers and pupils in learning about physical and mental health.

May the Fourth: Using Star Wars Day to inspire teaching and learning about space

How to use Star Wars to inspire learning of Earth and Space

Celebrate the upcoming coronation by exploring our King's work in conservation

If you are looking to celebrate our King's upcoming coronation next weekend, check out our latest blog for some ideas to do with your class that are centred around conservation and environmentalism.

Tech Nation's Last Shoutout

Case Study

Boosting nuclear knowledge in schools

plays a crucial role in building the workforce of the future