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A lesson resource and assessment solution responsive to student performance for mastering of content.

The platform provides a library of lessons, formed of online presentations, interviews with experts, practical experiments, songs and quizzes improving the quality of your lessons while reducing your costs.

"I’m strongly encouraged at how positively the pupils have adapted to the program, it is always rewarding as a teacher to see children enthusiastically talking about science and the lessons we have learned."
- Teacher
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Story driven lessons and hands-on learning

Our storytelling approach, practical experiments and quizzes, ensure every learner has access to outstanding lesson content, fully mapped against the National Curriculum, International Baccalaureate, Curriculum of Excellence and Cambridge primary curriculum.

We embrace a hands on learning experience delivered through a range of fully demonstrated practical experiments. These are designed to develop learners' understanding through a variance theory approach, enabling learners to explore each concept taught through a number of ways.

"I love this website its awesome."
- Year 3 Pupil

Developing knowledge and long term memory

Pupils and parents can revisit lesson content frequently in the days following each lesson to commit knowledge and skills to long term memory.

Our pupil and parent dashboard helps you engage with your parents allowing them to join in their child’s learning experience. Our customers tell us that this has been an ideal vehicle to help develop English language skills for all.

As pupils spend time on the system mastering content, with rewards and achievements are given to encourage engagement.

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"Its amazing what you have created. Well done, it makes me think about what matters enjoying learning and being inspired!"
- Norfolk Headteacher
Product 3

High quality, consistent lesson delivery

The platform helps teachers deliver outstanding lessons through supporting resources; including lesson plans, risk assessments for practical experiments, handouts and end of unit summative tests.

Pre-prepared curriculum content means delivery of high quality lesson content is easy for anyone.

Our staff training films delivered by scientists are designed to support the development of teachers’ knowledge as they work through the curriculum enabling them to teach each unit with confidence.

Deliver inspiring lessons your students will remember

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