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Teach primary science with the confidence of a subject specialist!

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“That was awesome. I love this website!”

Year 2 Pupil

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Hi! My name is Sarah

I’ve taught in schools for eighteen years and been a finalist in the Teaching Awards. I’m passionate about helping pupils understand the application of a subject. I created Developing Experts because I was regularly asked to teach a subject outside my area of expertise and want all teachers to have access to resources which empower them to teach each subject like an expert!

Lessons come with experts from universities and industry, who share their expertise. We then narrate an unforgettable story told with stunning images and videos, punctuated with opportunities for discussion. Every lesson concludes with simple hands-on activities designed to use supplies you already have (or are easy to get). Every child and parent gets to revisit the lesson content from home through our book at bedtime lesson and quiz.

I hope my work saves you time and inspires you, your pupils and parents to join us on our learning journey together.

Sarah Mintey

“I’ve seen many science schemes in the past but this one stood out for me as what will make the difference. Because the teachers have been so enthusiastic about teaching it, it has meant that children are now using correct science vocabulary, they are talking about their science lessons, the work in books has really picked up and their expectations have increased.”

Sara Wakefield, Executive Headteacher

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