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S mintey

Sarah Mintey – Chief Learner

Sarah has 20 years experience in education and the third sector. Previously she was CEO of the OPEN Youth Trust and most recently worked for Inspiration Trust as their curriculum designer.

S morgan

Shane Morgan - Tech Director

Shane has extensive experience as a web and application developer and is the Founding Director of CD2, a web and software company specialising in bespoke platform builds.

J dalton

Jon Dalton – Sales and Account Manager

Jon is passionate about providing customers the very best experience possible and looks forward to getting to know you.

J lal

Jo Lal – Teacher in Residence

Jo has worked as a teacher for over 30 years in both the primary and secondary phases as a linguist teacher. She specialises in French and German.

E hirsch

Dr. E.D. Hirsch

We are proud Dr. E.D. Hirsch named our company ‘Developing Experts’. When reviewing our learning system and curriculum he said, ‘It illustrates how much we have combined tech with substance and with psychological theory designed to secure interest and uptake in their "lesson plan format”. They are unique in unifying so many practical and theoretical factors.’ 

M linley

Mike Linley – Scientific Editor

Mike has over 20 years experience in TV production having previously presented for Disney and worked with Jim Henson. He specialises in reptiles, lizards and frogs having been Sir David Attenborough’s scientific advisor.

J fosten

Jillian Fosten – Film Maker

With a background in fine art, Jillian's work celebrates art and storytelling. She recently won the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise.

C tomlinson

Chris Tomlinson – Director of Westover Veterinary Practice

Chris features regularly throughout our resources as one of our many experts. Chris qualified as a veterinary surgeon at Bristol University and now runs one of the largest veterinary practices in Norfolk.

J lilly

Dr. Jodi Lilley – Supporting Expert

Postdoctoral Scientist at the John Innes Centre. Cell and Developmental Biology. Jodi appears in several of our lessons and shares her passion for science. She is currently focusing on how pea and bean plants form new organs in their roots to house beneficial bacteria.

R shreeve

Dr. Rebecca Shreeve – Supporting Expert

Molecular Scientist. Rebecca appears in a number of our lessons sharing about the structure of cells and what ignited her passion for science. She is the Science Editor for Spandidos Publications.

C bell

Chris Bell – Forecasting Director

Chris studied Climatology at Louisiana State University and worked for the Louisiana Office of State Climatology. He has a Master’s degree in Operational and Broadcast Meteorology. Chris appears in our weather related lessons.

S reynolds

Shaun Reynolds – Astro Photographer

Shaun specialises in deep sky astro photography and wide field night view photography. Last year he was shortlisted as the UK astro photographer of the year 2016. To see his work go to: www.shaunreynoldsastro.com Shaun shares his knowledge in our Earth and Space units.

T hughs

Physics Expert - Dr. Theodore Hughes-Riley

Dr. Theodore Hughes-Riley is the Research Fellow in Energy Harvesting and Management in Textiles at Nottingham Trent University. He is a highly multidisciplinary scientist with a particular focus on experimental physics. In his career, his research has covered a number of disparate fields including technology development for environmental and medical applications. Dr. Hughes-Riley is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

E norton

Emily Norton - Partner at J Norton & Sons and co-founder of Nortons Dairy

Emily has a law degree from Cambridge, a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture from Harper Adams, and 10 years of experience running a successful and fully diversified family farm business. Emily appears in several of our lessons linked to life cycles and states of matter where she explores their dairy processes.

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