Our cookies policy

The data we collect, and what we use it for

As you will see on this site, we collect a variety of information for different purposes. We ask for your name, address, email address and telephone number for the purposes of signing you up for an event or to join one of our information or marketing lists.

We also use cookies to understand your online behaviour on our site, improve site experience, and to allow us to make more efficient use of online advertising services.

We collect personally identifiable data relating to you for three key purposes:

Direct marketing

We would like to promote our services to you, make you aware of new developments in our industry, and inform you of events that you may choose to attend to improve your understanding of Digital and Direct Marketing.

This information may come in the form of an email, SMS, targeted information via our website, or indeed using a postal service. In all cases we offer you the opportunity to decide what information is collected and what you will allow us to do with it.

Websites and mobile applications

To offer you a more personalised experience of our digital services we collect information on your browsing behaviour, this allows us to understand what you are interested in and how best to serve information to you. In addition, we want to make our services as efficient and useful as possible, so we monitor use of our digital platforms in order to manage them and continually improve user experience for our customers and information browsers.

Online advertising

In common with many other companies we use services that allow us to put our offers in front of our customers, and potential customers, using online advertising. There are many ways of doing this, the key ones for you to understand are targeting and remarketing. In the case of targeting we might use your data to help us to develop a customer profile, this will(using services from third parties) allow us to place our advertisements in front of the most appropriate customers.

In remarketing we use advertising networks to identify when someone who has interacted with our site, or one of our advertisements, is online so that further advertising can be offered to that user.

This is a very complex and technical topic to understand, you might find the following site useful to better understand these processes - allaboutcookies. org

How to control your preferences, and your other rights as a data subject

The ways in which you can control what we do with your data depend on what channel of communication we use.

To remove yourself from our email services, ask us not to call you, to stop sending SMS or postal mail, you can email [email protected]

If you want to remove consent for our use of cookies this can be controlled via your browser, there is more information below in our Cookie Policy.

Under the most recent data protection regulation you also have other rights:

a) You can ask us for a copy of all the personal information that we hold on you, so that you can clearly understand what we have collected. You will not be charged for this service unless the request is considered outside of usual practice.

b) You can ask us to stop processing your data. If for instance you do not want us to use your information as part of our profiling exercise, it is your right to make this request. You should be aware that we are under a number of other legal obligations which may make the processing of your data a requirement, these circumstances are rare but may apply.

c) You can ask for your data to be removed from our systems. There are certain circumstances under which we may not be able to fully comply with this, again legally we may be required to retain information on occasion.

In order to request a copy of your data, to have your data removed from processing, or for your data to be deleted, please use this address [email protected] - if your request is sent to any other email address it may result in a delay on action on our part.

To ensure your personal information is protected we will require you to identify yourself when asking for any information to be returned, we will send you a list of required documentation to prove your identity in the event a request is made.

So what exactly are these 'cookie' things?

Unfortunately, Developing Experts Education's cookie policy does not involve offering you a tasty snack when you visit our website. This is because the types of 'cookies' that we use are actually small text files placed by a website onto each website user's computer whenever the website is accessed.

Where do cookies come from?

Cookies are created every time each user's browser loads the website. sends information to your browser, which then creates a text file - the cookie.

What are cookies for?

We understand that you may be disappointed to hear that we are talking about the not-so - tasty cookies, but it should make you feel a bit better to hear that this means that we can offer a more accessible website for you, our customers. Cookies are necessary in order for Developing Experts to be able to do two things: Track the effectiveness of each page and subsequently adapt the website to make it more user-friendly. Authenticate you as a user when you login to your pupil, teacher or parent account. Essentially, this is what allows you stay logged in to the Developing Experts service!

What will happen if you do not agree for us to use cookies? works best when cookies are used. If you do not let Developing Experts track your use of with cookies, you will not be able to stay logged in to Developing Experts services. Essentially, this means that whenever you navigate to a new page, you will have to enter your login details over and over again. If you really, really don't want them stored you can periodically delete them from your browser or even block them entirely. However, as mentioned above, the information stored on your computer from third party sites like ours is completely harmless and any attempts to prevent this access will have a negative impact upon your use of our site and the services we provide. If you have any further questions about the types of cookies that we use, the cookies that we use are highlighted in our privacy policy.