We've had a makeover!

We have had an all-round front-end makeover, making Developing Experts smarter and smoother.

Hello Developing Experts members,

I know you’ll have been keeping yourself busy exploring and making the most of our platform. We’ve also been busy here at Developing Experts. We've been travelling the world, attending awards events as finalists, and giving out spectacles that make fireworks look like rainbows. Honestly.

Over the next couple of days, you will start to see some changes to the Developing Experts platform and the way that your account with us works.

For those of you at school - you will no longer need  to use your school domain to access your Developing Experts account. Simply click Login, select I’m a Teacher / Tutor, and then sign in with your email address and usual password.

It's also now easier than ever for the pupils in your school to sign in. When logging in, children will need to click I’m a Pupil, select their school, enter their pupil number, and then simply sign in to access all of our amazing content.

Newly designed Course Builder 

Both teachers and tutors alike will benefit from our newly designed Course Builder. We’ve listened to your feedback and created a streamlined, simpler way for you to create immersive and stimulating courses for your pupils and children to learn from. You can filter from our pool of over 700 lessons, reorder and rearrange units and lessons so that your course is tailored to your teaching schedule and preferences, and select your working days so that all content is made available to your pupils exactly when you want it to be.

Across the website, you'll also get to see speedier loading times on presentations and improved responsiveness on tablet and mobile devices. This makes using the platform just as easy for those of you on smaller screens!

We have had an all-round front-end makeover, making Developing Experts smarter and smoother.

If you have any question about Developing Experts updates or would lke a chat with a member of the team, you can contact us on [email protected]

We'll speak soon!