The home educator guide to teaching KS3 Biology

For home educators, it can be tricky to navigate science teaching once your child reaches KS3. Home educators need to ensure that their KS3 student is gaining the correct science skills and knowledge and participating in engaging experiments, with resources available to them in the home. With Developing Experts, we bring all of the teaching content, downloadable worksheets, experts and practical experiments that your learner needs to master KS3 biology. 

Key Stage 3 biology lessons for Years 7, 8 and 9 

With Developing Experts, you can enhance learners’ science experience and indulge in over 60 KS3 biology lessons spread across years 7, 8 and 9.  Using the range of working scientifically skills across key stage 3, as well as the learning objectives from the National Curriculum, we have created a learning solution which is both rigorous and engaging.

When teaching KS3 Biology, Developing Experts units cover topics such as cells, the skeletal system, photosynthesis and much more. By using Developing Experts, you are able to deliver an enriching KS3 Biology education with confidence!

In need KS3 biology lesson plans? We’ve got you covered!

Developing Experts’ KS3 biology lesson plans allow you to feel empowered in delivering a first-class education to your learner. Including learning objectives, required resources and a step-by-step guide through the lesson, our KS3  biology lesson plans cover all requirements.

Where can I find KS3 Biology resources?

Each of our KS3 biology lessons comes with a dazzling online slideshow, complete with a vivid spectrum of images, film clips and songs. Engaging with a multi-sensory approach to learning, our lessons are not only stimulating but also enhance traditional skills such as planning, experimenting and evaluating. With a range of hands-on activities and methods filmed in our studios, these can be conducted confidently at home or in class.

Our KS3 biology lessons are expert delivered.

Uniquely, each of our lessons includes film clips with experts in biology, which help children understand the application of science as well as being inspired by the wide scope of careers in science.  So, a zoologist  will tell you about the skeletal structure of an animal; or an epidemiologist will explain the effects of air pollution; and a botanist will dissect a flower in front of your eyes.

How do I encourage KS3 biology revision? 

As young people progress through secondary education and towards exams, it is vital that they can recall, revise and regurgitate key science facts and information. Using our engaging slideshows, taking our online quizzes and immersing in our multimedia approach will mean this can be done in a fun and independent way.

Want to know more?

We’re giving you a free 14 day trial of Developing Experts so that you can explore our KS3 Biology learning content, as well as the rest of our 700+ lessons! During your free trial, you’ll have access to all of our teaching and learning content. From expert videos to printable science worksheets, Developing Experts provides you with a complete science teaching resource for your KS3 student.

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