Working on KS3 science curriculum - science experiments at Ormiston Victory Academy

Developing Experts visit a local school to conduct science experiments across biology, chemistry and physics topics.

Earlier this month, Heather, Mike, Jon, Sol and Sam visited Ormiston Victory Academy  in Norwich to use the classroom laboratory spaces and develop our platform content for the KS3 science curriculum. This allowed them to conduct a series of science experiments that they could not normally do in the DE office space.

The team worked across two classrooms with two camera sets and had a productive week filming around 80 video clips, most of which will add to our KS3 science curriculum content. This  included videos showing: the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound, the dissection of sheep lungs and the 'howling jelly sweet' experiment (i.e. the oxidation of glucose by potassium chlorate!).

We were very grateful to be joined by science technician Matt Weare who helped us set up experiments and provided valuable insight into the science behind the activities. Our thanks also go to the rest of the staff at Ormiston Victory Academy for letting us use the science classrooms!