Developing Expert's New Branding and Curriculum for September 2022!

What's new?

The DE platform provides science lessons for primary and secondary pupils, place a focus on forming links between the STEM curriculum and real-world applications of science. With an account, schools and teachers are able to deliver a wide variety of lessons, set homework and track their pupils’ progress. 

What is the product's unique selling point/how does it solve a real-world problem for the intended audience?

DE connects children's education to careers in STEM. Each and every lesson has an expert linking how that lesson's learning is relevant to their job, meaning that both pupils and teachers are confident in the relevance and purpose of the material they are covering. Our units show which careers the learning can be linked to, providing children with aspirations for future careers and promoting industries which are important recruiters of a future workforce.

Our top five advantages for using Developing Experts

  1. Teachers have their entire year of science lessons planned and prepared by both experienced teachers and expert scientists, enabling them to substantially reduce their workload whilst having the confidence that their lessons will be of a high quality. 
  2. Lessons bring real-life experts into the classroom, therefore widening the breadth of the pupils’ knowledge of the subject whilst placing an emphasis on professional applications. 
  3. Lessons are clear and are built on prior learning which enables children to progress both their science knowledge and working scientifically skills. 
  4. Our curriculum links science lessons to careers in science, technology, engineering or mechanics, with an emphasis on sustainability. 
  5. There is a whole school approach to the platform, where the Science Co-ordinator or Head Teacher can have overall sight of what is being taught in each classroom and how children are progressing.

Our real-world product context

As a science provider, DE has a sustained focus on a greener future and aims to meet the aims set out in the DfE’s sustainability and climate change policy; namely, that pupils should be educated on climate change through ‘knowledge-rich education’ which should in turn be translated into ‘positive action and solutions’. By targeting primary-aged pupils, DE also seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM by encouraging women, ethnic minorities and students from a socio-economically disadvantaged background to pursue science as a career pathway.

What our customers think

“The children engaged so well with the videos, activities and the online content.” - Delia Dulgheru - Mary Tavy and Brentor Community Primary School 

“It will really help us to meet our intent as a school.  The teachers feel like it's a real god-send; helping to save time and reduce workload.” - Julie Johnson - Newbold Verdon