Infusing Christmas Magic into Primary Science Lessons

Explore the enchanting fusion of festive cheer and scientific wonder with these Christmas-themed primary science activities

With the festive season upon us, what better way to captivate the curiosity of young minds than by infusing Christmas magic into your science lessons? In this post, we'll explore our recently-released delightful activities that seamlessly blend festive cheer with educational wonders. These hands-on experiences will not only engage your students but also spark their interest in science. Let's dive into the enchanting world of Christmas-themed science lessons!

EYFS and KS1

Making Snowman Prints out of Clay: Kickstart the festive fervor with a snowman-themed activity that introduces children to the concept of shapes and forms. Encourage the children to mold clay using their fingerprints, discussing how the material transforms from a soft, pliable substance to a more rigid structure as it dries. This activity fosters an understanding of materials and their properties.

Watching a Peeled Orange Sink: Intrigue the children with a simple but mesmerising experiment involving a peeled orange. Discuss buoyancy and density as the children observe the orange sinking in water after its protective peel is removed. This activity introduces fundamental principles of physics in a fun and memorable way.


Cutting Out a Paper Snowflake: Turn the classroom into a winter wonderland as the children explore symmetry by cutting out intricate paper snowflakes. Use this opportunity to explain the science behind symmetry and the unique formation of snowflakes, each with its own delicate pattern. This activity enhances fine motor skills while delving into the fascinating world of geometric shapes.

Making Stained Glass Biscuits: Combine the joy of baking with a lesson on the properties of materials. Create stained glass biscuits by cutting out shapes and filling them with colourful sweets. Discuss the transformation of the dough in the oven, exploring concepts of heat and changes in states of matter. It's a delicious way to learn about the science of cooking!

Designing a Streamlined Sleigh: Engage the children in a design challenge by asking them to create a streamlined sleigh. This activity not only taps into creativity but also explores the principles of aerodynamics. Encourage discussions on how different shapes affect the speed and efficiency of the sleigh, introducing basic concepts of physics.

Fun Christmas-Themed Science Facts:

By incorporating these Christmas-themed science lessons into your December curriculum, you'll not only spread holiday cheer but also ignite a passion for learning. These activities seamlessly integrate festive joy with essential scientific concepts, making the holiday season a magical time for both teachers and students alike. You can find all of these activities in the ‘Topical Lessons’ folder on the platform. Happy holidays and may your classrooms be filled with wonder and discovery!