How to teach early years science!

Developing Experts top tips for teaching early years science!

Our interactive science platform provides over 700 lessons for children, age 4-14. Today, we are exploring how we teach early years science and best practice in teaching young learners. In this blog, discover how we help your early years learners develop their science knowledge and skills.

Reception and early years science lessons:

It is never too early to begin engaging with the world around us. Our early years science learning platform will allow younger children to immerse themselves in to science in ways which will ignite a passion that could last a lifetime. With over 50 Reception and early years science lessons - packed full of activities, images, films and songs - you can learn alongside children and watch them thrive.

Reception age children will be enchanted when learning about different types of animal; can have the destructive time they dream of making their own wrecking balls, and shoot ‘out of this world’ with our unit on space and rockets.  With many more varied tasks and challenges besides, this really is the beginning of your child’s journey to scientific discovery.

Early years science lesson plans:

If you are looking for ideas and strategies to engage your learners, look no further. Our lesson plans map each session and exercise for you and contain a range of approaches to appeal to your children. Rest assured, all of our plans are written by experienced or practicing teachers, meaning less work for you and more chance for you to spend valuable time with your little ones on their learning odyssey.

Fun experiments, quizzes and worksheets for ages 4 and 5:

Young children are naturally inquisitive and are always trying out new things or breaking through new boundaries at an early age.  Our filmed science experiments and activities, aimed at ages 4 and 5, provide the encouragement for children to practice and test out basic scientific theories in a safe environment.  

Our reception curriculum gives learners the chance to make a perfect sandcastle; discover the habitats of creepy crawlies and reflect on their learning in lessons about mirrors. With every lesson being complimented by a basic skills worksheet with fun games and quizzes included, children will begin their science education in the most positive way.

Wow! Science facts for kids in early years:

Amaze children with some incredible facts about the world around us, all told in a child-friendly way from one of over 100 science experts who appear on films in our lessons.  As they begin their journey through education, the world can appear a large and daunting place; let us unravel some of the scientific mysteries and leave them in awe of some of those discoveries yet to be made.

Science learning for early years:

Developing Experts will get your little ones buzzing about science at a young age by exploring our slideshows, all told through a story, which offer children an early insight into how to conduct simple experiments, make predictions and observe chemical changes. Children will be enthralled when they take our quick-fire quizzes and earn new backgrounds and avatars in their bespoke user area.  

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