How Norton's Dairy use Thermometers

Nortons Dairy use thermometers to measure the temperature of their milk throughout their making processes. are devices used to measure temperature. There are a wide variety of thermometer designs, from electric and mercury to heat-sensitive strips, which are used for everything from medical and domestic use to industrial control.

Mercury thermometers, once the most familiar types available, are generally not used in modern applications due to the dangerous nature of mercury. In medical applications and home use, electronic thermometers have largely replaced their mercury counterparts. Electronic thermometers work through a relatively simple process: the input temperature changes the amount of electrical resistance within the device. 

We have just uploaded a film into a year 4 lesson where you can see Emma Norton using an infrared thermometer. Infrared thermometers allow users to measure the temperature of an object without requiring contact. They do this by measuring the object’s electromagnetic radiation emission and then converting this measurement into an output signal. These thermometers are extremely helpful in situations that preclude the use of other sensors, whether due to certain interference or positioning problems.