How Developing Experts tackles the three I’s - Intent

Key to the new Ofsted framework (2019 ) has been the buzz-phrase of ‘The Three I’s,’ namely the Intent, Implementation and Impact of a school’s curriculum offering, with a real emphasis on how the knowledge and skills learnt will secure advantages for children later in life.  Our curriculum director, Paul Usher, takes a look at how our curriculum offer marries up to the latest framework. Firstly, Intent. 

Intent - “The knowledge and skills pupils will gain.”

Developing Experts is based around a knowledge-rich curriculum.  We ensure that knowledge is learnt and retained throughout our programmes of study.  In each lesson, pupils are given key facts and knowledge through our storytelling approach to learning.  Further to this, each lesson offers 5 key words and meanings to learn; vocabulary which is then repeated throughout the lesson and quizzed on at the end.

All our lessons contain a balance of the different ‘Working Scientifically Skills’ and ‘Scientific Enquiry’ types, so that children practice a broad range of skills throughout the curriculum.

Children can access the learnt materials from home, and if they respond incorrectly to a quiz question, the platform takes them back in the presentation to the point that key piece of knowledge can be revisited in context. We are currently implementing a knowledge organiser and knowledge test for each and every unit of work, providing summative feedback for teachers and pupils.

So, that’s how we begin to tackle intent within our curriculum. However, there is so much more that we do throughout our teaching and learning platform to help ensure that you, as the educator, can teach science with confidence. Whilst also allowing students to gain the scientific skills and knowledge they need to excel. Our team would love to tell you more.

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