How Developing Experts tackles the three I’s - Implementation

Key to the new Ofsted framework (2019) has been the buzz-phrase of ‘The Three I’s,’ namely the Intent, Implementation and Impact of a school’s curriculum offering, with a real emphasis on how the knowledge and skills learnt will secure advantages for children later in life.  Our curriculum director, Paul Usher, takes a look at how our curriculum offer marries up to the latest framework. In this blog, we’re discussing Implementation.

Implementation - “The way the curriculum that is selected is taught and assessed in order to support children to build that knowledge and apply that knowledge as skills.”

Our curriculum offering provides an inspiring resource, with a plethora of beautiful images, film clips and songs to support various learning needs, but we are far from being a beautiful gimmick.  Our fully-mapped lesson plans, written by specialist primary and secondary teachers help to sequence learning in a way that not only helps children make progress, but also upskills the teachers in terms of their confidence and scientific knowledge.

The structure of the lessons, using the 5 E’s (Engage, Explain, Explore, Elaborate, Evaluate) ensures a consistency of approach and encouarges teachers and students to move pedagogically through lessons, units and a whole year’s worth of learning.

The use of the three-stage ‘Mission Assignment’ film, as well as the knowledge gained through the ‘Expert’ film in each lesson ensures that children are always learning and applying new methods.  We encourage hands-on, practical science, always with a core working scientifically skill behind it.  We actively support experimentation and investigation, there is never an insistence that our results are the ‘right’ ones.  Instead, we encourage children to explore for themselves, and simply compare their results and findings with ours.  To develop children’s skills further, our worksheets and written tasks support literacy in science, as well as a variety of ways to write effectively when evaluating or summarising.

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Tomorrow, we will be posting our fourth and final blog on how Developing Experts tackles implementation

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How Developing Experts tackles the three I’s -  Intent 

“It has helped other teachers who do not have a science background and upskilled them and given them much more confidence.” Head of Science, UK.

“The children are loving DE. One SEN pupil blew me away the other day when she talked about her learning in Science - she has been unable to do that with anything else to date!” Headteacher, Eastbrook Primary, UK