How Developing Experts tackles Intent, Implementation and Impact

Discover how Developing Experts teaches science knowledge and skills.

Key to the new Ofsted framework (2019) has been the buzz-phrase of ‘The Three I’s,’ namely the Intent, Implementation and Impact of a school’s curriculum offering, with a real emphasis on how the knowledge and skills learnt will secure advantages for children later in life.  Our curriculum director, Paul Usher, takes a look at how our curriculum offer marries up to the latest framework...

The extent to which schools meet these standards will have an impact on the ‘Quality of Education’ judgement in their overall school effectiveness.  Here at Developing Experts, we aren’t slaves to the Big ‘O,’ but we do like to ensure that our curriculum offering aligns to the framework, and means that schools are assured our programme of study meets and exceeds the requirements of Ofsted’s latest framework.

Developing Experts is based around a knowledge-rich curriculum. Our offering provides an inspiring resource, with a plethora of beautiful images, film clips and songs to support various learning needs, but we are far from being a beautiful gimmick.  Our fully-mapped lesson plans, written by specialist primary and secondary teachers help to sequence learning in a way that not only helps children make progress, but also upskills the teachers in terms of their confidence and scientific knowledge.

Over the next three days, we’ll be examining the three ‘I’s, what they mean and how Developing Experts ensures all three are covered without our curriculum.

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How Developing Experts tackles the three I’s -  Intent