Dive into World Ocean Day with our Free Lesson

To help you integrate ocean issues into your classroom, we have released a free lesson for World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is an important occasion to raise awareness about the wonders of the ocean and the challenges it faces. As teachers, you have a unique opportunity to ignite curiosity in your young learners and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the ocean. To help you do so, we have released a completely free online lesson to mark the occasion. To make it even better, the lesson is accompanied by a new set of resources that can be differentiated for all year groups. 

Read on to explore more engaging ideas and activities that will captivate your pupils' imaginations while educating them about the ocean and its conservation.

Discover Ocean Marvels:

  1. Start by introducing your students to the incredible diversity of marine life and habitats. Show them images and videos of vibrant coral reefs, majestic whales, playful dolphins and fascinating deep-sea creatures. Encourage them to research and present their favorite marine animal to the class, sparking enthusiasm and curiosity.

Ocean Awareness Campaigns:

  1. Teach pupils about the various issues our oceans face, such as plastic pollution, coral bleaching and overfishing. Explain the impact of these problems on marine life and the environment. Encourage pupils to create posters or short videos promoting ocean conservation and share them with the school community. This activity empowers students to become ocean advocates.

Virtual Field Trips:

  1. It might not be feasible to visit the ocean, but you may be able to take your students on field trips to marine reserves or aquariums. You could even use interactive online resources. Discuss the different ecosystems they encounter and the importance of protecting these fragile environments.

Artistic Ocean Explorations:

  1. Tap into your pupils' artistic talents by organising ocean-themed art projects. They can create ocean-inspired paintings, collages or sculptures using recyclable materials. This activity not only enhances creativity but also reinforces the message of reusing and recycling to protect the ocean. If you use our lesson to create an ocean habitat in a shoebox, upload your videos and photos to social media and a winner will be hand-picked by Sarah Mintey MBE!

Beach Cleanup Initiatives:

  1. Organise a school-wide beach cleanup event, where pupils and teachers join forces to collect litter from nearby beaches or parks. Explain the importance of removing plastic waste to prevent it from reaching the ocean and harming marine life. This hands-on experience will help students understand the tangible impact of their actions.

Imaginative Storytelling:

  1. Encourage your pupils to let their imagination run wild and write stories about the ocean. Prompt them to create narratives featuring marine creatures as characters, highlighting the importance of conservation and sustainable practices. Share their stories during a special World Ocean Day event or compile them into a classroom book.

Ocean-themed Science Experiments:

  1. Integrate science lessons with the wonders of the ocean. Conduct experiments on buoyancy, saltwater density, or the effects of ocean acidification on shell-forming organisms. Our free lesson comes with a pre-made investigation sheet to measure the effect of saltwater on different materials. These interactive activities provide a deeper understanding of oceanic processes while fostering a love for scientific exploration.

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