Developing Experts films a series of chemistry films with Iceni Diagnostics

Yesterday we had the pleasure of filming with Dr. Paula Garcia Calavia and Jordan Hindes organic chemists, from Iceni Diagnostics Ltd. who focus on the development of carbohydrate-based therapeutics and point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases. We were grateful to have the opportunity to film with Paula and Jordan in their chemistry lab. Learning about the different equiment they use was fascinating. We particularly enjoyed seeing the vortex stirring machine in action.
Capitalising on its expertise in carbohydrate and analytical chemistry, Iceni Diagnostics provides bespoke solutions in glycoscience R&D, nanoparticle technology and bioconjugation chemistry. The company is developing a portfolio of in-house programmes, as well as engaging in collaborative and contract R&D activities, through engagement with the UK Biotech Sector and Government Research Organisations. Current projects include the development of novel point-of-care diagnostics and new chemical and enzymatic approaches to the production of carbohydrate-containing biopharmaceuticals.