Developing Experts adds 14 lessons to its Reception and Key Stage 1 programmes

To map against the International Primary Curriculum, we have just added 14 lessons to our Reception and Key Stage 1 programmes. We have created lessons which cover the IPC's topic based approach including lessons such as, 'Know all about transport' and 'Learn about the Olympics and how to get moving!'

We particularly enjoyed creating the lesson, 'Learn all about bears'. Did you know that black bears are not always black. They come in a rainbow of colours from black to reddish brown (cinnamon bears), to light brown to white. Sloth bears’ favourite food is termites. These bears have no front teeth, so they easily suck out insects from their nests like a vacuum cleaner. They can also seal their nostrils for better suction. How cool is that!

We look forward to receiving your feedback.