Developing Experts' view of Ofsted's new focus

In a recent article, Ofsted's chief Inspector Amanda Spielman emphasised the importance of centralising the curriculum within schools. Our English Lead reflects on the unique role that Developing Experts can play in shaping education in the future.

Ofsted's Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman's recent article identifies the need to fill curriculums with “the vast, accumulated wealth of human knowledge, and what we choose to pass on to the next generation through teaching in our schools, must be at the heart of education.” This focus on the subject-specific content within the national curriculum, and, most importantly for us herem the national curriculum for science, affords Developing Experts an increasingly centralised and exciting place at the heart of learning science.

Our vision at Developing Experts is to create a wide and rich learning platform that will allow parents and teachers to centralise the national curriculum for science within the learning experience of their children. This helps parents and teachers keep up with the changing demands of Ofsted, but, most importantly, it also simultaneously cultivates and satisfies the most important aspect of learning in any context: curiosity.