British Science Week: How to teach KS3 chemistry

Approaching KS3 chemistry can be a tricky one. With rising pressure and expectations in the classroom, Developing Experts gives you the tools you need to master your KS3 chemistry teaching. Developing Experts allows you to have the time to focus on the individual needs of children in your class.

During KS3, educators need to ensure that their students are gaining the correct science skills and knowledge and participating in engaging, safe, and practical chemistry experiments. Developing Experts brings all of the teaching content, downloadable worksheets, expert knowledge and practical experiments that your learner needs to master KS3 chemistry. 

How do you get started?

Cause a reaction with students by signing them up to access over 50 KS3 chemistry lessons aimed at pupils aged 11 to 14!  Fully mapped against National Curriculum skills and objectives, each Developing Experts chemistry lesson has been written by experienced, specialist teachers to ensure rigour and challenge in the lessons.

With chemistry units including chemical reactions, pure and impure substances and the Earth’s atmosphere, your KS3 students  will have access to an enriching KS3 chemistry  curriculum.

Brilliant KS3 chemistry lesson plans:

Developing Experts’ detailed lesson plans provide support and structure for your science course.  Take comfort in our course builder feature which will help you organise your own KS3 chemistry course at the click of a button.  Each lesson plan will ensure you use our other resources to their full potential and can identify materials needed to complete suggested activities, all of which are easily accessible. 

Clever chemistry resources for ages 11-14:

Whilst our stunning slideshows will offer you all the facts, images and clips you need to keep your child engrossed, we are fully aware that chemistry is a practical, hands-on subject full of wonder and amazement. Within our KS3 chemistry curriculum, you’ll find engaging chemistry experiments and activities, all filmed so  your students will be able to easily replicate at home or in the classroom. 

Expert films for Key Stage 3 chemistry:

It is always a challenge to bring real scientists into the classroom or home.  With access to over 150 science and industry experts, let us do the legwork for you!  Each lesson is accompanied by an expert film, which provides the learner with quirky facts about science, links to science careers and showing how the science theory is used in practical terms.

How do I encourage KS3 chemistry revision? 

Push progress further by using our resources as a KS3 chemistry revision aid.  By using the interactive online slideshows, quizzes and worksheets, our platform full of material will engage the brain and make learning memorable.  Let our chemistry lessons for Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils be the catalyst for your future scientists!

Want to know more?

We’re giving you a free 14 day trial of Developing Experts so that you can explore our KS3 Biology learning content, as well as the rest of our 700+ lessons! During your free trial, you’ll have access to all of our teaching and learning content. From expert videos to printable science worksheets, Developing Experts provides you with a complete science teaching resource for your KS3 student.

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