British Science Week: A guide to teaching KS3 physics

Approaching KS3 physics can be a tricky one. With rising pressure and expectations in the classroom, Developing Experts gives you the too ls you need to master your KS3 physics teaching (and biology and chemistry too - if you teach all three!). Developing Experts allows you to have the time to focus on the individual needs of children in your class whilst encouraging them to take control of their learning.

During KS3, educators need to ensure that their students are gaining the correct science skills and knowledge and participating in engaging, safe, and practical physics experiments. Developing Experts brings all of the teaching content, downloadable worksheets, expert knowledge and practical experiments that your learner needs to master KS3 physics. 

Where can I find ready-to-go Key Stage 3 physics lessons?

Meet the Developing Experts lesson library! Students can really make waves in their education with over 60 fantastic KS3 physics lessons, all written specifically for the UK National Curriculum.  Our lesson library provides an entire curriculum solution, with lesson plans, multimedia presentations, worksheets, experiments and quizzes available for you to charge through. Our physics units include sound and light waves, magnetism and space physics; providing a galaxy of facts, activities and information for students to indulge in.

We help the teacher too! Explore our KS3 physics lesson plans:

Planning into the early hours can be a thing of the past once you begin using our comprehensive lesson plans and guides. Cleverly sequenced, the lesson plans provide you with all the information and instruction you need to deliver physics at KS3 with confidence. 

Engage your students with our downloadable physics resources:

All of our physics lessons include a visually-stunning slideshow, fusing together a wide range of pictures, videos and audio clips to stimulate the senses. Alongside this, activities are filmed in our studios, giving a clear insight into the set-up and processes involved in experiments.

Physics worksheets and quizzes, aimed at ages 11-14, are provided to give support and challenge to practical activities.

Meet the expert!

Learn key physics facts and gain an understanding of how physics is used in the real world with our unique expert films. Ubiquitous across lessons, these films contain over 100 science and industry experts, who explain and demonstrate how science is applied in their careers.  These videos will give young scientists insight and inspiration from some world-class presenters. 

All important KS3 physics revision:

Our physics materials will provide all the support children need to revise and recall information effectively and prepare themselves for GCSE science. By captivating young people in the interactive slideshows and by using a gamified approach, we mix academic rigour with teen-friendly presentations.  Using our materials and trying our experiments will upskill and ready your tutees for the next stage of their schooling.

Want to know more?

We’re giving you a free 14 day trial of Developing Experts so that you can explore our KS3 Biology learning content, as well as the rest of our 700+ lessons! During your free trial, you’ll have access to all of our teaching and learning content. From expert videos to printable science worksheets, Developing Experts provides you with a complete science teaching resource for your KS3 student.

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