A homeschool guide to teaching Year 1 science!

Our interactive science platform provides over 700 lessons for children, age 4-14. This week, we are exploring how we teach Year 1 science and best practice in science teaching. In this blog, discover how we help your Year 1 learner develop their science knowledge and skills.

KS1 national curriculum science Year 1

Inspire your students on their path to discovery with our online science lessons and activities aimed at children aged 5 to 6.  With all lessons matching national curriculum guidelines, you can ensure your child is up to date with their education at home.

In Year 1 science, they’ll have an explosive time by learning about volcanoes; grow plants and crops to encourage a healthy diet, and stay in touch with nature by following our expert lessons on the animal kingdom. There is far more in the year 1 science syllabus for children to delve in to and learn, so kick-start learning with us today and give learners the best possible start to their schooling.

Year 1 science lesson plans

Each lesson comes with clear instructions in the form of a fully-mapped lesson plan, written by outstanding teachers and practitioners.  We can ensure coverage across Year 1 working scientifically skills, which are vital in ensuring progress and skills development along their learning adventure.

Fun experiments, quizzes and worksheets for KS1 science

Experiments aren’t just something carried out by adults in white coats and goggles; children can begin a journey of discovery at a young age with our simple, easy-to-follow science investigations and fun activities.  

Challenge their inquisitive nature by taking a taste test; or guide their learning path by building a bridge; and let them interact with our canine presenter, Floss, to learn about how to measure growth.  Develop their writing, drawing and vocabulary by completing our fun science worksheets and quizzes.

Science revision for Year 1

Make science revision fun! Provide the extra stimulus children need by tuning in to our activity films, which offer over 50 age-appropriate tasks to complete which will help children recall key knowledge.  Delve further by quizzing online and gliding effortlessly through our memorable slideshows - full of key science facts, stories and information.

Want to know more?

We’re giving you a free 14 day trial of Developing Experts so that you can explore our Year 1 learning content, as well as the rest of our 700+ lessons! During your free trial, you’ll have access to all of our teaching and learning content. From expert videos to printable science worksheets, Developing Experts provides you with a complete science teaching resource for your Year 1 learner. 

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In the following weeks, we will be giving you an insight into how we teach science from year 1, right through to KS3 on the Developing Experts blog.

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