Dr. E. D. Hirsch shares his vision for a curriculum in a democracy

01 November 2017

Hirsch shares his vision for a curriculum in a democracy then asks, 'What Are You Doing To Build Your Pupils' Infantry of Knowledge?'

Hirsch make reference to Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, where education is used as a tool for emancipating working class individuals. Eliza gets uprooted and has to give up personal feature. Language is linked up with identity and finds a new identity through education. Eliza’s transformation demonstrates that social distinctions such as accents, age, class barriers can be overcome by language training. It becomes questionable however if language reveals or forms one’s character. Eliza’s outcry at the end of the play denies the idea. Yet she understands herself that better education is connected with social progress. Eliza’s problems show that language alone provides a superficial transformation. She lacks education to become fully integrated. By this Shaw illustrates the impossibility of moving classes in those days.

Hirsch argues that the missing link is not class, accent, or age but knolwedge.

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