4. Dr. E. D. Hirsch Jr. - What are you going to do to make the National Curriculum more concrete?

24 October 2017

Hirsch has two big ideas:

1. We all need cultural literacy... certain facts, ideas and knowledge of literary works that he says people need to know in order to operate effectively as citizens of the country in which they live.

2. Children need to learn facts in a highly organised and structured way... therefore creating the imperative to get back to the basics with a robust core curriculum.

Hirsch believes that most important educational objectives - reading, comprehension, critical thinking and problem solving - are functions of the breadth and depth of our knowledge. Knowledge begets more knowledge so there is a multiplier effect.

But more than this, to thrive in a free and democratic society, children must secure a shared, foundational knowledge necessary to exercise effective citizenship.

In this film Hirsch explains the process they went through to create the list of knowledge children need to know then challenges you to think about how you can create your own detailed curriculum.

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