18 May 2017 by Sarah Mintey

Norton's Dairy Filming Day

Many thanks to Emily Norton and Ruth Norton from Nortons Dairy for allowing me to film their cheese and pasteurisation process! I learnt all about homogenized milk today which was absolutely fascinating. Their milk pasteurisation process quickly stirred up a childhood memory when I recall being issued a daily bottle of milk to drink at school. On hot days sometimes when my teacher forgot to bring the milk in from the sun as the milk settled a thick, warm layer of cream was left sitting on the top. I loved drinking the milk on the cold days but on the warm days...

I learnt that commercial milk is usually homogenized—a mechanical process that breaks the fat globules into smaller droplets so that they stay suspended in the milk rather than separating out and floating to the top of the jug.
Nortons Dairy produces non-homogenized milk because you need to separate the fat in the cheese making process. If you haven't tried a Nortons Dairy product its a must, check it out! The process and values their company holds need promoting and supporting. If only the daily bottle of milk could be introduced back into schools using Nortons!

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