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02 November 2017 by Sarah Mintey

Industry Leaders give Developing Experts access to their scientists and engineers

It was a privilege and honour to speak at St. James Palace last evening. The offers of support we received from industry leaders were amazing! We look forward to creating expert films for our lessons with Shell, Brompton Bikes, Airbus, Heathrow, KPMG, Manchester University, BBC and Edinburgh University.
It was also great to meet Nick Jenkins founder of Moonpig and edtech investor and Sherry Coutu founder of ScaleUp and Tech4Schools, we look forward to meeting again....

I managed to turn up to the palace without my ticket or ID. When I was asked to produce my photo ID I showed the armed police officer my twitter feed and video pitch from boot camp. His response, "That's the best ID anyone has shown me!" On route out the same police officer saw me again. "I'm still chuckling at your ID!" :)

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