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15 August 2017 by Sarah Mintey

Shortlisted for the EDP 2017 Business Awards - 'Breaking Boundaries' Category

This week as we train customers from schools in Hong Kong, I am delighted to announce that Developing Experts has been shortlisted for the EDP Business Award's 'Breaking Boundaries' Category. 

The Breaking Boundaries category looks for companies who exploit technology, the internet and the digital revolution to transform the nature of our economy, allowing businesses to operate not only in their local markets, but across geographical boundaries.

The award celebrates that transformation and those companies and individuals with the pioneering spirit to embrace, and open up, new growth opportunities.

Judges, Will Hattam, Chief Marketing Officer at Archant & Shaun Mary of Lovewell Blake, will be looking for businesses not limited to simply operating within existing boundaries, but who are reaching out to customers far beyond their own established areas.

I look forward to letting you know how we get on!

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